Lets be honest, you can't make music "by the hour"...! However, I have to have a way of pricing.
                           So..I will quote a fixed price based on what you want to do, if we run over a bit that's my problem,
                  I don't want clients stressing out watching the clock. Plus I always allow some set up time.
  • Mobile multitrack (18) recording £80 for 8 hour day[or pro rata] (plus travel) 
  • Mobile multitrack (18) recording £10 per hour for live gig (plus travel)
  • Post performance/mixing/mastering £8 per hour
  • Travel costs @ 40p per mile to venue (from Old Buckenham, Norfolk)
  • CD (red book format), £1 per CD for customer mix  (large runs/finished CD+case P.O.A)
As a guide:- A three song demo "should" be possible in one day of recording if the band is well prepared. I have been asked "what if 18 track is not enough?" Pro Tools will handle more than 32 tracks so it is quite feasible once the basic tracking is completed to add to the track count for vocals, percussion or any other overdubs! The limitation on tracking is restricted to 18 "at the same time" (44.1/48kHz sampling) because of the number of mic pre amps. [for a typical live set up the the track layout may look like this:- Drums(6), bass, guitar, lead guitar, keyboard(2), vocals(2)- So we are up to 13 tracks, the remaining 5 tracks are available for other instruments, DI or vocals.]
Any other requests or practical queries then please ask.  Complete fixed price package deals for your project.
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