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Recording hard/software
        • MacBook Pro, 16Gb RAM
        • Pro Tools 11, good selection of Plug-Ins [Waves(SSL4000, V-series, Renaissance, API), Slate(VTM), Avid AAX]
        • iZotope Ozone 5 & 7, mastering.
        • Digidesign 003+ Rack (8 mic pre/line inputs up to 96kHz/24 bit sampling)
        • Audient ASP008 "Awesome" 8 additional mic pre (up to 48kHz/24 bit ADAT, 96kHz/24 bit SMUX). They are outstanding. Please read the spec..  
        • API A2D (2x API 312 pre amps) Great API signature sound when driven hard at the front end!!
        • Glyph firewire drive, audio data storage.
        • ART Headamp 6 Pro Headphone Amp. Beyer DT100 headphones, Sennheiser HD 280 pro (6 individual cue mixes for monitoring)
        • BSS(AR-133) and ART DI boxes, pro (x-former)mic-splitters/combiner. Pro stagebox and multicore
        • SE Reflexion Pro filter. 
        • Adam A7X and A3X active monitors+Sennheiser HD650 reference headphones 
Microphones include....
        • Shure: SM57, SM58, Beta57, SM91
        • AKG: C451(x2), C414 (x2), C3000B, D112
        • Sennheiser: MD421(x3), e604's, e602, e609 silver
        • Neumann: U47FET, U87A, TLM103, KM184(x3)
        • Rode: K2 (valve mic)
        • Electrovoice: RE20
For musical styles that require up to 18 track then I normally record @ 24 bit/48kHz  (or 44.1kHz sampling rate). 
I can record @ 96kHz if required for up to 10 track recording at the same instant. (Overdubs can be added of course in each case)


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