I started out as a musician with a practical interest in recording. ( in the days when a 24 track tape recorder was as big as a fridge freezer...) Of course being a musician does not make me a sound engineer! I have experimented with microphones and tape recorders since I was a teenager. My passion for acoustic engineering led me to Salford University where I graduated with a BSC(Hons) in Electroacoustics. 
I worked some 8 years for the BBC as a project engineer installing sound studios and managing capital projects. From there I changed careers but have maintained my love of recording as a freelance recording engineer. I also have experience in live PA work. 
The digital revolution in audio engineeriing has virtually reduced the "fridge freezer tape machine" to a hard drive! But it is important to remember that the analogue front end of the audio chain has hardly changed. There is no substitute for good mic placement and the right mic for the right job. That's why I have taken the trouble to collect a selection of mics, for specific jobs, that have been proven in the industry with consistent results.  Years of practice and listening to what works and what doesn't work has all helped my straightforward approach to recording. Musicians generally don't want to be blinded by science, they just want to achieve the sound that's in their head. My job is to interpret that and deliver results. My gradually increasing client list and, more importantly, return clients speaks for itself.
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